Just as Important During Summer as They Are In Winter

We have all been conditioned to only think about new tires or tire services during the winter months but honestly; tires are where the rubber meets the road (literally) and important vehicle components such as tires should be considered & checked during the heat of summer too.

Since heat does degrade rubber, the summer months can add a lot of wear & tear to your tires. During winter, the coolness causes the air in the tire to retract. This will result in a low tire pressure light on your dashboard. The reason why you are notified by this occurrence is because the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) of the vehicle.

 On the opposite side of the spectrum; heat causes the air in tires to expand and increases the tire pressure. Driving continuously on hot pavements (such as road trips) or hauling trailers, campers, or any type of heavy loads will increase the tire pressure exponentially. Increased pressure if not caught in time will cause a tire blow out while driving. Unfortunately, the TPMS does not give the same warning for increased pressure; because the heat affects the inner part of the tire rather than the wall of the tire therefore it is undetectable by the TPMS.

In order to prevent unneeded or costly repairs, unsafe driving conditions, it is wise to keep these pieces of information in mind and check your tires often. It is in the best interest of your vehicle to have your mechanic check the condition of your tires whenever your vehicle is in for its regular maintenance intervals (please see previous blog for that information). The best time to buy tires is in April & October. Before it gets too hot or too cold. We recommend asking your mechanic or service advisor whether all-season tires would be better for how you use your vehicle instead of having to buy two sets of tires and changing them out every few months.

It is much better to be proactive instead of reactive and here at Pride Auto Care we believe little pieces of information such as these is vital in making the best choices for your safety. It will undoubtedly help save you time and money in the long run.

Please see our tire page (https://prideautocare.com/why-buy-tires-at-pride-auto-care/) for more information on WHY you should BUY tires from Pride Auto Care & all the BENEFITS that come with your purchase.

  • Caitlyn P. – Manager of Business Services