Hi Darrell and Al,

A while ago my mom referred me to Pride because she knew and respected Al from the Cash group.  Since then I’ve received great customer service during the several times I’ve been into the shop.  However, I wanted to send a special thanks for the customer service I received when my car was at another shop.  Yes, I know that’s unusual, but my car broke down away from home and your shops and I had to tow it to a totally unfamiliar shop.  I received some, what I felt, odd information from that shop and called Pride for help.  Darrell spent several minutes talking with me and ultimately said go ahead and give them the OK to run one hour of diagnostics on the car, if they can’t find it in that time something is wrong.  Well that was great advice.  The shop found the problem quickly and repaired it for a reasonable cost.  I wanted to thank Darrell and Pride for helping to ease my mind in a very challenging situation.  This certainly was way above and beyond customer service and I am grateful!  I will always remember that and I’ll be referring Pride out whenever I’m asked.  Thank you so much!

Lisa U. Parker Colorado