Dear Vince,
I’m writing you this letter to inform you of the incredible customer service I received from your employee named Pete (I didn’t get his last name).  Last night (07/06/11) while entering the Walgreens parking lot at Yosemite and Dry Creek, I hit a large pot hole and it flattened my front drivers side tire immediately.  I was able to get the car parked but was a bit nervous as to what to do.  I live in Hunters Hill and had purchased tires from your shop before so I walked over in the hopes you would have the right size tire for my car.  I poked my head in the garage and asked if they were still open, but it was a little bit past 6:00 pm.  Pete said they were closed but asked if he could help me.  I told him my story and he went over and above what is generally expected.  Pete walked over to Walgreens, in the rain, and helped me get the car to the shop where he luckily had a tire that was perfect.  Twenty minutes later I was driving home.
Helping me out after hours was so generous and kind.  It’s hard to express how much I appreciate it.  Thank you!
Alan Z. Centennial Colorado