Excellent place to get any needs for your car taken care of. I have been with them for 15 years (another location before this one). They go above and beyond with customer service, paying close attention to customers’ needs and frustrations. Diana

I went in for a oil change and they pointed out that my tires were very bad. They sold me 4 tires for $383.20 w/allgnment. I had n idea how much they could save me. Thanks Pride. Amy G.

Great value and customer service. They fixed all of the things another shop failed to fix.

All staff very customer service oriented and friendly. Service very fast and high quality. haven’t met an employee I haven’t like yet! I won’t go anywhere else.

Very professional people and reliable. Paul M

Excellent. I went from hating car mechanics to absolutely loving them. they’re honest and excellent work. Marlene

Fast, honest work. Good customer service! We will be back!

Very efficient and professional service!

A good friend of mine, Jimmy. Who now is a diesel mechanic, recommended me to Pride Auto as my dealership was miss diagnosing my care and driving me under. Here with Pride I feel back at home walking in the door. ~ Jake

Always accommodating, walking distance to my home, ride always offered. Prompt.

Kermit was friendly and very helpful in selecting the appropriate products for my older vehicle.

Pride Auto will not take advantage of you. Honest and helpful. Their service is great.

We work hard to do our best for your our valued customers. Please be sure and check out the car service coupons on our website before your next visit